How Does Birds Know Their Route?

How Does Birds Know Their Route?

Birds know their way by their instinct. Many species of bird migrate thousands of kms every year. They migrate to places where they can get food. In Northern Hemisphere, birds generally fly South.

The flight paths are called fly ways. Although it is not very well known how they find their way, it is commonly tought that they use their instincts. They have an international global positioning system GPS. So they are able to follow the same pattern every year without failing.

Bird’s Organs Help to Find Their Route

Bird’s organs contribute to a bird’s navigational ability. There is region in the brain called cluster N. Which helps them to determine there is the South and North. Bird’s inner ear also help them the determine where to fly. Bird beaks help too. That is why it is also called olfactory map.

What are the Tools for Birds to Find Their Way?

Birds tools to find the way are stars, sun and also earth’s magnetic field. With sun, they know what time is it. Nocturnal birds use star. Pigeons have a small brain zone for magnetism. They also use the landscape elements such as rivers, roads etc.

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