How Does an Elephant Deliver a Baby?

How Does an Elephant Deliver a Baby?

A labor can last for several days. It begins with labor pain. Female elephant will lose mucous plug and contractions increase. Wild elephants usually give birth at night time. It is stated that night time provides undisturbed environment fort hem.

The amniotic bladder may push out before the calf. It appears like a ballonon. Once she accepts her calf then the mother will put it towards her.

Elephant’s Pregnancy

Elephant pregnancy is unique. Unless she has twins, a female elephant normally gives birth to single calf. They giv birth every five years. They mate until about the age of 50. A female elephant’s pregnancy will last up to 23 months. Which is a longer time period for many other animals. When female elephant gives birth, then the calf weight from 200 to 320 pounds.

Feeding the Calf

Within an hour after arriving the newborn calf is able to stand. Right after few hours later, the newborn elephant can walk. Calf’s next goal will be finding mother’s breasts and eat. Calves nurse for about 4 years. A calf stay with its mother until it is a healthy adult.

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